Landlord Insurance Aylsham Norfolk

Landlord Insurance Aylsham Norfolk

Landlord Insurance Aylsham NorfolkPriory Insurance Brokers Ltd is an Independent Insurance Broker, offering a wide range of high quality, affordable insurance products across the UK. Landlord Insurance Aylsham Norfolk.

Getting Landlord Insurance Aylsham Norfolk serves as a cover when you have to replace or repair your residential investment property. Going beyond just a house, any property you let out; a lake cottage or even an apartment should be well insured. This covers whether it is rent or lease as there is the tendency for the property to accrue certain damages.

This type of coverage is quite different from the homeowners’ insurance that covers any damage to your individual property. More than as safety against tenant damage, you get your building insured even against natural disasters.

Why do you need It?

We all need backup whenever unplanned things such as a wildfire, a bugler, or any other natural mishap occur. Now, not only do these unfortunate incidents create a loss, and leave a person dry, it is not easy to get back up after such sad incidents. 

For rented properties, when these occur, the renters are often not held accountable leaving the costs entirely on the owner. This is where having an insurance policy comes in.

While most of us already have homeowners insurance on our buildings, to help cushion the catastrophic effects at these times, it’s just not enough. Many people make the mistake of thinking a homeowner’s insurance covers a residential investment property.

Although it covers buildings in case they get damaged, the homeowner insurance does not cover your property if the owner does not live there. Thus, if you are thinking of renting out the space, you would find that your current insurance policy does not cover the building anymore.

What does It cover?

Ideally, your Landlord Insurance Aylsham Norfolk covers three areas; property protection, liability protection, and rental loss. 

Property protection

This covers damages done to your property such as those encountered from natural disasters such as fire, earthquakes, or storms. It also includes damages caused by tenants, vandalism, or burglary. Equipment within the dwellings that get damaged such as the electric appliances and personal belongings of the landlord many times are included in this protection.

Depending on your agreements, this policy could offer to pay to repair the dwelling itself, as well as other associated structures such as the fence, and garage. You could also be given the cash value of the damaged item or an already fixed amount if you please. For this, it is best to know what is covered and offered in your policy.

Liability Protection

When a tenant or a visitor suffers injury due to poor maintenance of your property, you could incur legal and medical costs. Several such accidents could occur such as an architectural collapse, improperly maintained stairs or rails, or even an icy walkway. 

When these happen, you might be required to pay for the medical bills of the affected person. The landlord liability protection helps cover these bills as well as the legal fees and other costs incurred. In most cases, the insurance company would help reach and set up the settlement on your behalf.

However, in some instances, where a visitor is injured, the tenant may be asked to cover the liability on their guests. Thus, it is still advisable for your tenant to get their own tenant’s renters insurance.

Rental Lose

Sinkholes, molds, and termites are common things that make a house uninhabitable. If somehow, your property becomes damaged that no one can live there, you would lose the rent for the period the place is vacant. 

Your insurance policy can be of help by reimbursing you with an amount as a temporary rent. This is intended to cover for the money you would have got had there been tenants. 

Be sure this provision is available in your policy. Go over your policy to ascertain what is covered by your chosen insurance company and work out what to include. 

What is not covered by It

Yes, this sounds good but the thing is the insurance is limited in some areas. 


  • Tenants properties


First, it only covers the property being rented and does not spill over to those belonging to the tenant within the property. For that, the tenant would have to get renters insurance.


  • Shared properties


The policy does not cover a property that has you as the landlord living on it. If you still live on the property or the house and just rented out a floor or a room, you cannot apply for Landlord Insurance Aylsham Norfolk. You would need an expert opinion on what to do for that rented section.


  • Breakdown of home equipment and appliances


The policy does not cover appliance breaks down within your home. Instead, if it is damaged as a result of a disaster along with the building it might cover that.

How much does it cost?

Compared to home insurance, you should expect to spend more on policies because the insurance companies are also taking risks with a tenant in the equation. NATCI puts the amount at about 15% more for insurances than the regular homeowner insurance. Thus if the homeowner policy costs about $1288, expect to pay at least $1,481.

Other things could affect how much your policy would eventually cost you. These include; the age of the property, security features, and equipment both in the house and on the property. The presence of smart devices to warn of potential danger as well as the proximity of the property to high-risk areas also affect the cost of insurance. The cost could also vary depending on how long your tenant is staying.

Bear in mind that the fee you would be charged might be more if your policy would cover the property liability as well as the loss of rental. However, you can easily get a free quote before deciding which you would go for.


We all need backup plans in case of eventualities. As much as we do not wish these things to happen, our houses or residential investments are prone to diverse forms of disasters. When these strikes, they can hit us hard. Having an investment for your property is one backup you would benefit from.

If your property is a form of investment, the normal homeowner insurance would not be enough hence the need for Landlord Insurance Aylsham Norfolk. This way, you would be able to cushion the effects of damages to your house, liability, or a rental loss if those should happen.