Liability Insurance Watton Norfolk

Liability Insurance Watton Norfolk

Liability Insurance Watton Norfolk Priory Insurance Brokers Ltd is an Independent Insurance Broker, offering a wide range of high quality, affordable insurance products across the UK. Liability Insurance Watton Norfolk.

Liability Insurance Watton Norfolk is an integral part of insurance which is underrated. Insurance itself remains a pivot part of the economy and remains compulsory in many Western countries.

 The COVID-19 pandemic made many people and businesses suffer multiple losses in jobs and finances, however for those with one form of an insurance policy or another, the loss wasn’t felt. 

This guide will answer all your questions and many other insurance terms. 

What does It mean? 


It means a policy that offers customers protection against claims which result from injuries and destruction to other people’s or their property. 

Moreover, the policy covers all legal expenses and claims an insured person is responsible for when they are liable legally. 

However, you should know that intentional destruction and other contractual liabilities are not covered by many insurance companies. 

Furthermore, unlike other insurance policies offered, it makes payments to third parties and not the policyholder’s. 

How does It work? 

It is important to those who cause injuries to others and are liable to pay for damages. In some quarters, It is known as third party insurance.

The policy doesn’t involve intentional injuries or acts of criminality. This policy is usually taken by those who own a car, viable business or anyone who can be liable for damages. 

The  policy guards both the policyholder and the injured person. Also, know that many Western states mandate that car owners have insurance to cover unintentional damages in the event of accidents.

Manufacturers may take it out to cover themselves if their products are damaged by the buyer. Also, Companies might take it to protect them when their staff gets injured during office hours. 

Besides, in the medical world, doctors and surgeons make life-threatening decisions that might need a claim. 

How many types of Liability insurance do we have?

 We have many types, here are the popular ones: 


This policy covers businesses that create products that sell on the market. Fast moving consumer goods fall into these categories of goods covered by this policy. 

This Liability Insurance Watton Norfolk protects manufacturers against claims arising from injuries or fatalities caused by their products. Under this, we have indemnity insurance which protects firms against claims from employees negligence. 

Director and officer

This policy covers directors and the board if the firm is issued. Some companies offer extra protection to top officers in the company even though big corporations provide some level of personal protection to all staff.


These are policies that are provided to guard against immense losses. It covers most things other policies cannot reach. 


This is an excellent general liability policy also called comprehensive liability insurance. It gives insurance coverage against law claims which arise from staff injuries, members of the public and damages caused by staff.

This policy might also guard against libel, slander, liability to contracts, intellectual claims and unlawful employment claims. They are specifically made for big firms and cover a plethora of claims like health payments, advert claims, property damage, and production losses. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the policy cover? 

General insurance coverage ranges from common risks which happen from interacting with individuals outside your firm. It includes protection from clients property damages and injuries which covers employees. This also covers copyright theft libel and other advertising damages. 

How important is it to me?

General insurance is very important to you because it covers things you can’t predict. The limit it reaches depends on the size of your business, employees in the firm and types of business you engage in.

If your company is a startup you can choose a policy around $1.5 million to $2.5 million. What this means is that in the advent of an accident, you will be due for claims around that. 

What does it not cover? 

While it covers a lot of claims, the coverage doesn’t reach damage to your car or property during an accident. You are also not covered by acts of God like Storm, lightning or hail.

 Is having it worth it? 

Yes, having a liability is worth it because it saves you money and time. Liability Insurance Watton Norfolk provides small protection to the policyholder and is very flexible to pay. 

However, note that when your car suffers damage by you intentionally, you will be liable for payments. 

How does the policy protect me?

The policy makes a payment for properties destroyed or injuries to other people which you cause unintentionally. 

Many states in Western nations require all residents using cars to have a comprehensive policy. This can be broken down into proper destruction and bodily harm. 

What can you do when your car is totaled, and you have a liability policy?

When your vehicle is totaled, and you have insurance, You will have to pay for the replacement yourself or lay claims with the other person’s insurance firm.

 Having liability coverage alone doesn’t protect your car. You are just covered with injuries and damages that you cause others when driving.

What if someone hits me and I have insurance? 

When you have a policy and you are hit by someone, the person who hit you must have a policy for you to be paid. 

Also, if you have liability-only insurance cover you will have to pay from your pocket if you are the cause of an accident. 

Will my policy cover a wreck? 

Normally, your liability policy should help pay for the other driver’s expense if you are responsible for the cause of the damages or injury., but it doesn’t cover your own. 

A car wreck can be expensive, therefore unless it is specifically mentioned in the policy, it won’t cover a wreck


It remains a good insurance policy that everyone should have irrespective of where you reside. 

Many countries require everyone to have one form of Liability Insurance Watton Norfolk or the other. This article has tried to answer all questions relating to insurance and claims.